One Community

A Champion for Mayors and...

It is my mission to help leaders thrive...personally and professionally so you can be your best and make your impact on our lives and planet.

If you lead a team governing or designing our cities and towns, I want to  help you THRIVE.

- The Thriving Mayor Show, Host

Loving Earth

Introducing People

and Places to their Potential

You and I love creating inspirational places, that nurture the soul and bring out smiles. We love nature and want to live and leave a legacy of stewardship for our communities and the planet. Design your ideal life with me, live your legacy now and THRIVE!

- Off-grid home, Canadian Energy Efficiency Award



























Steering is not Leading

Crafting vision, strategy and tactics for business

Steering a racing yacht is important, but without inspired crew work and a common language for execution...almost irrelevant. Mentoring the crew while steering fast with feedback is FUN and achieves success. Let's craft your skillset to bring out yours and the team's best.

- Regatta Helmsman and Champion


Sharing Joy

Forget business as usual and relearn being human

What makes your heart sing? or  laugh? For me it's helping my team mates and peers thrive, its the inner feeling of gratitude seeing a hurdle overcome or new connection made. Rekindle or discover what makes you joyful, feeling fulfilled and loving your life. Energize your bond to engage and empower your team. PLAY.

- Varsity Sport Coach & Mentor 























Are you Getting in Your Own Way?

There are only two things we can control, our effort and our attitude. The whole idea of effort is to become better at something and become successful, so why avoid it? Learn to love attitude adjustment and bridge every self sabotaging thought and limiting belief.

- Burlington Pier, public realm lead and designer

Vision, Vision, Vision

Share your Magic

Entrepreneurs can procrastinate when expanding your business, pursuing new work or bigger projects. Take action! I and a friend went to Dubai and asked to master plan new communities...we were given a ski village in Morocco. Let's make magic happen. 

- Oukaimeden Mtn Village, project director























Legacy by Design

What Values and Verbs Guide You?

Be DELIBERATE! Confirm your values and commit to your verbs for meaningful action that nurtures your legacy. Together, let's craft your next vision, book, project, adventure, development, volunteering, you can live your legacy. 

- My Values and Verbs - Q2 2021 

I introduce places and people to their potential….

For 30 years, I helped build cities and towns.

Now, I’m helping build the teams of people leading them…and its the most interesting and rewarding work I’ve ever done.

We all want to end up in an amazing place.

What’s that place for you and do you know how to get there?

I can help.

Michael Hubicki

  Your Stewardship Mentor  

"Let's design your place-making practice to make bigger impacts and your life to bring bigger fulfillment"

  • Coach

    Certified High Performance Coach and Masters Degree in Coaching Education

    12 years of experience working with local govenrments, business leaders, high-performing athletes, and professionals. Using gamification and team-building strategies to get great results.

  • Consultant

    31 Years being the Rainmaker in Private Consulting Practice.

    Looking to improve the bottomline? From proposal writing to post-occupancy I've helped businesses perform. My vision is to help leaders  and their teams thrive while they improve the quality of living for as many people as possible. 

  • Award-Winning Designer

    Canadian National Energy Efficiency Award

    A pioneer in healthy homes, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Received the Canadian National Energy Efficiency Award for New Homes and the Ontario Association of Landscape Architect's Award for Service to the Environment and numerous project awards.

  • Living Through a Stewardship Lens

    Care of Oneself, One's Community and Our Planet

    In all aspects of our lives, it is critical that we be aware of our personal ecology. Balance of our inner and outer self is the key to successful leadership, as well as sustaining a happy and fulfilled life while caring for our planet and others.


Are you a business owner struggling with winning new work or overwhelm?



Would your staff, teams or leaders benefit from collaborative results based learning?


Are you a leader working with an underperforming team or problem individual?



If you've got more to give, more to explore and more to achieve, you owe it to yourself to take ACTION.

The Differentiator Program

You deserve undivided attention and a personal thinking partner. The Differentiator Program is my 1:1 private coaching program...designed to accelerate your personal and professional life...shifting your momentum.


Like a 4-quarter sport, your entrepreneurial journey follows a pattern of milestones. Sometimes, if not defined, these can blend together resulting in a lost opportunity to tweak your game plan and strengthen your tactics and strategy.


As your coach I will help you craft your game plan so that each quarter is designed to inspire, excite, educate and empower your leadership along the journey. Also like the flow of a game, your career may have twists and turns calling for you to adapt and adjust. Your Coaching Way is designed to flow with you.   

  • The Differentiator Program

    My coaching style is fun, relaxed, intuitive and super powerful. I blend the fast-paced excitement of sport coaching with the wisdom of mindset coaching and profitability performance of business coaching. 


    We can call it inside-out coaching. I help you see that you are living in the world of your thinking but that there's a world beyond your thinking. As your thinking partner I'll help you uncover some of the limiting beliefs and old stories you've inherited and banish them to the wilderness.   


    The centre piece of my approach is your wellness. We'll work toward the balance between the 3 elements of your Inner Game; Body, Emotions and Mindset and your Outer Game; Environment, Relationships and Ideas. You are ultimately powerful when balancing your BEMERI. 


    Some of the questions we'll explore together include:

    1. What's on your mind. And what else? - diving deep into what you're wondering about.

    2. What's the real challenge here for you? - finding the root of your challenge. 

    3. What do you want? - I'm listening...very deeply to help you find clarity.

    4. How can I help? - What got you here won't get you there. I help you reframe.

    5. If you're saying Yes to this, than what are you saying No to? Finding balance.


    Both the 6 and 12-month Coaching Program is for entrepreneurs and leaders who seek to strengthen leadership, balance the Inner and Outer Game and build your suite of skills designed for your next adventure..the new you. It provides hands-on guidance to dramatically accelerate your joy and fulfilment. The program includes:


    • An initial kickoff strategy session at which we review your depth-chart...your strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations. We'll develop a targeted action plan for you based on your goals.
    • Every two weeks we’ll have a scheduled hour-long call. You’ll have optional resources designed specifically for you, based upon that day's coaching call. You will be held accountable for your progress in achieving the milestones we lay out. On each call, we’ll debrief, discuss questions or issues that have arisen, and refine your personal action plan to guide you toward success.
    • A personal Experience Log Book updated after every coaching session. It's a play-book of action items that we will design to transform your life.  It may seem overwhelming when viewed as one task, so don’t.  Look at each item as an opportunity for growth, self-exploration, alignment of your wants and responsibilities, and chance to try something new.  Go for it! Together we will “gamify” the items in your log, transforming a task into an experience.  Trying each item will introduce you to a new paradigm…that may or may not resonate with you.  We’ll discover new potentials that you may have never known about.  Experience each item by actioning it…move beyond mere thinking (fretting) about it. Challenge yourself, and me, to achieve “Rocked it” status.
    • Anytime access to me via text or email in when you want to bounce around an idea. 

Promoting the care of oneself, one's community and our planet.

"As your thinking partner, together we will rediscover your why, co-create new mindsets, breakthrough blocks, laugh, invent and thrive."

- Coach Hubicki

Together, we open opportunities, introduce your potential and uncover your options for personal growth. 


What would a hack of your mindset look like? Ready to look up? Look higher? Look further? 


How do you want to show up to your clients, staff, family, community — and to your life? Let's create your vision and action plan.

The 1:1 Private Coaching Program: $9,000 (6 months) or $18,000 (12 months).


You are unique and mysterious. If you sense that you've got more to give, more to explore and more to achieve you owe it to yourself to take ACTION.  I did and have never looked back. Let me introduce you to your potential and let's unlock it together. The program is for entrepreneurs and leaders who'd like a thinking partner to work with privately. The structured approach keeps you on track and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can delay your progress. I offer a safe space to explore your hopes, goals, development gaps, disappointments and roadblocks without judgment.  


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The 1:20 Group Acceleration Program

Your staff, teams and leaders will collaborate and make massive strides during the 6-month Acceleration Program. 

Flexible and Customizable

Personalize your Acceleration


If staff are disengaged, bored, not challenged, or want more autonomy...Accelerate re-engagement, commitment, fun, learning, performance and well being.


If teams are dysfunctional, egos are getting in the way, deadlines are being missed, or cliques are running rampant...Accelerate team building, trust, honesty, support, collaboration and chemistry.


Want to up your game? Pivot and get up to date with the latest practices that are working right now. Accelerate your personal growth and impact working with other leaders to share best practices, learn from each other and expand your network.  

Create a Culture of

Lifelong Learning

Active Learning and Impact

Since the beginning of the crisis, we’ve been continuously in conversation with leaders around the world about how they are adapting Learning & Development to changing times.


AccelerationClass is a system for:

  • Getting your team to make time for learning
  • Getting your team to apply what they learn
  • Helping them turn learning into action and results



Strengthen Team Collaboration & Connection

Collaboration & Team Building

Employee Well-Being

We deliver AccelerationClass to help connect your people in a new and powerful way.


The turnkey system you have been waiting for is FINALLY here!

  • We help you lead through change
  • We keep employees motivated and productive
  • We meet the emotional and psychological needs of employees


is Done For You

Leader Well Being 

We know that you've got a lot on your plate. Let us become your implementation and facilitation partner to reinforce your culture of lifelong learning.


Team members love AccelerationClass because they are "no fluff," pragmatic, and action-packed. Most importantly, they walk away with concrete action plans on how to overcome obstacles that get them closer to their individual and team goals.

Experience it for yourself

1-Hour FREE Test Drive

We host and facilitate interactive workshops on the leadership and business skills that matter most.


Bring your team for a powerful FREE learning and collaboration experience.


Experience the difference when we combine our platform, tools and proven system for creating actionable plans that can be implemented right away.



The 1:20 Group Acceleration Program: $15,000 (6 months) for a team of up to 20.


Your teams are unique and mysterious and sometimes...frustrating.  If you sense that they've got more to give, more to explore and more to achieve you owe it to yourself to take ACTION for them.  The Acceleration Program is designed for staff, teams or leaders and provides the opportunity for them to connect and collaborate while making things happen.  Each program includes 6 - 60 minute AccelerationClasses designed specifically slow so we move beyond quick fixes, sound bites and seven step solutions.  This program is priced right so you can invest in results based learning to keep your competitive advantage.  


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